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Anonymous asked:

Russia, are you ticklish?







Nyet! What would make you think that??? >J>;;;;;; *nervous sweat*

Vanya, you are lying. Admit it, you are very ticklish!


*Hides* Be Quiet Sestra!!! 

well this is interesting dude! i would love to see how ticklish you are



*innocent blink* What are you talking about amerika??? @J@

why not come pay me a visit ivan and i can show you what i mean
it could be fun ;)


You sure you are ready to offer that Fredka? 

Ukraine: I like a little drink every once in a while. Drinking in moderation is relaxing!

Russia: Time for some tasty Russian water!! ^J^

Ukraine: See, that mentality is why my dear little brother spends the early morning hours “worshiping the porcelain god”, as some may call it.

Russia: >J>;;;

(( Message from Mun: Drink responsibly and Legally!! :D ))

My 2 year cosplay anniversary just passed, so deciding to share my cosplay development story.

I started out as a late bloomer, not cosplaying until college. (I’m 21 now -////-) Before I would just stare at cosplay pages in awe wondering how people could be so creative. Starting cosplay happened a bit randomly actually, my siblings and I went to a tiny con in our small town and after decided we had to try it! I researched and put together my siblings and my cosplay, it was so much fun! Ivan was my first cosplay and I’m still embarrassed by the inaccuracy of the wig, coat, and makeup. XD

Now, 2 years later, I feel like I’ve improved a lot. I’ve learned a lot about makeup, wigs, and how to present myself in character. I still get just as excited when I get to go to a con or get into cosplay. I love it, it’s made me a stronger and more confident person. Cosplay has even helped me feel more confident in my normal appearance.

All I can say is that one can always improve and get better with hard work, practice, and a passion. I still have so much more I want to do and improve on. I hope you guys don’t mind me rambling. If anyone actually reads to this point I would love to hear your cosplay development stories and pictures if you can. (tag me in it please so I can see) Thank you :///3

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